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Kitchen Safety

          · Never leave a child alone in the kitchen when food is cooking.

· Enforce a "kid-free" zone three feet around the oven or stove while you are cooking. Use a playpen, high chair or other stationary device to keep your child from getting too close.

· Never leave a hot oven door open.

· Use back burners if possible. When using front burners, turn pot handles inward. Never let them stick out where a child could grab them.

· Do not leave spoons or other utensils in pots while cooking.

· Turn off burners and ovens when they are not being used.

· Remove pot lids carefully to avoid being burned by steam. Remember, steam is hotter than boiling water.

· In case of a small pan fire, carefully slide a lid over the pan to smother the flames, turn off the burner, and wait for the pan to cool completely.

· Never carry your child and hot liquids at the same time.

· Never leave hot liquids, like a cup of coffee, where children can reach them.

· Never warm a bottle in the microwave. It can heat the liquid unevenly and burn your child.

· Avoid letting appliance cords hang over the side of countertops, where children could pull on them.



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