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Utilizing Open Houses In Your Business

By: Chris Carroll

Open houses are a powerful tool in a sales business. You are in control from start to finish and have a great impact on the outcome. The variety of an open house keeps it fresh and exciting to those that attend.

Just think~ you are the Star! Your products are displayed and enticing. You showcase your favorite products. You can add special services like wrapping, gift baskets, gift registry ~ anything you want to do.

Your guests have your time exclusively. They are great supporters of your business and you have a great opportunity to get to know them. Find out their needs and wants. You be come closer and tighter in your customer / owner relationship

Does a regular store get to do this? Do they even try? You have a unique opportunity to capitalize on moving product, inviting others to join your business, seeking out fundraisers and more through the power of one-on-one conversation.

Open houses are wonderful, especially if you are not able to spend quality time with your customers on a regular basis. By spending 4 hours in one day and maximizing your selling time, you are able to reach many customers at one time. You are able to focus and sell what you want to sell. You are able to spoil your customers just a bit more by treating them to quality time with you at your home. They are coming to your functions to enjoy you in return and to support your business because of You.

I challenge you to try this format of selling at least one time per year if not more often. Make it a special occasion. You will be surprised at your turn out and how you can cement your relationship with your customers.

Harness the power of Open Houses in your Business! You will be amazed!

Copyright 2004-2006 by Chris Carroll. Chris is a work at home mom that has been in sales for 20+ years. She has a BS in Business Management and is the host of  as well as her business she enjoys with her son at

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