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Brainstorm for Brilliant Ideas

Could your business use a hot new idea? Got a problem that keeps dogging you and you just can't find a solution?

Here are three ways to shake the cobwebs loose and get the brain juices flowing:

1. Focus on what you REALLY want. What is the deep-down reason you are doing what you're doing? We often get bogged down in the means to the end, letting everyday problems dictate our every thought. Set aside all those fires that need to be put out and spend a few minutes dreaming deeply about what you REALLY want.

Fresh new ideas and strategies are bound to emerge.

2. Switch up your routine. Take a nap in the evening and get up at 2am to work. Rise from your computer and jog to the mailbox. Skip to the refrigerator and grab a pickle.

Sometimes even taking a long deep breath can get your creative side working again.

3. Keep a yellow note pad handy. I'm always surprised at how everyone's face lights up when I admit I keep my important notes on a simple yellow notepad. "I do that too!" they say.  Keep your pad in the place where your mind works best - in the car during the commute, next to the shower as you're toweling off.

Kevin Nunley provides marketing and copy writing. Read all his free tips at

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