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This Little Pig Went To Market

This little pig went to market,

This little pig stayed home,

This little pig had roast beef,

This little pig had none,

And this little pig cried,

“Wee-wee-wee-wee wee,

I can’t find my way home.”


Tell the children that what they are going to talk about and celebrate what is talked about in the nursery rhyme. Ask the children what they think the topic for today might be. “Pigs” is correct.

The first day of March is National Pig Day. Tell the children that today they will be doing various activities that deal with pigs. Show them some pictures of pigs and talk about them.

Ask the children what they think of when they think about pigs. If the children do not bring it up, tell them that we often think of pigs wallowing in mud. Explain that they only wallow in mud when they have no other way to keep cool. Pigs are basically clean animals.

Tell they children they are going to learn a nursery rhyme about taking a pig to market. Then teach them the following nursery rhyme:


            To Market, To Market

To market, to market

To buy a fat pig,

Home again, home again,



To market, to market

To buy a fat hog,

Home again, home again,



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