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Pasta Remains Among Most Affordable

Meals Despite Rising Food Costs


New York, NY – (January 21, 2008) American consumers are experiencing the biggest jump in food prices in 17 years. As the cost of milk, eggs, meat and produce rise, consumers are starting to feel the pinch, but there is a silver lining.

 Skyrocketing wheat prices caused by a global supply shortage have forced manufacturers to raise prices for the first time in several years, yet pasta remains among the most economical and versatile foods available, according to the National Pasta Association (NPA), the trade association of the United States pasta industry.

 The average price of a one pound box of pasta – enough to provide two meals to a family of four – is $1.20. More so, when taking additional ingredients, such as pasta sauce into consideration, the cost of a pasta meal is still about $3.05 or just $0.76 per serving.

 In addition, data shows that the price per pound of pasta has previously increased only $0.07 since 2003. This compares to $0.55 per unit increase for packaged rice and a $0.24 per unit increase for frozen potatoes— something Americans may heed in the onset of a possible recession. Additionally, according to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, in just one year, the average retail price of a dozen eggs went up 38% to $1.86; a gallon of milk rose 30% to $3.90; and whole-wheat bread rose 12% to $1.78 per pound, meaning a 24-ounce loaf of bread now costs about $2.67.

 “Pasta continues to be among the most affordable foods available and unlike other staples, such as butter, flour and milk, which have also experienced recent price increases, pasta makes a meal,” said Chris Bradley, chairman of the National Pasta Association. “Not only is it inexpensive, pasta is healthy, convenient and popular with virtually every member of the family.”

 Consumers may visit for over 200 pasta meal recipes, as well nutritional information and the latest news.

 About the National Pasta Association:

 Founded in 1904, the National Pasta Association is the trade association for the United States pasta industry, with members including the manufacturers, industry suppliers and allied industry representatives. The NPA provides leadership to the industry on public policy issues, serving as its voice in Washington, D.C. NPA also forges alliances with key organizations, monitors and addresses technical issues, and organizes events and seminars for the industry.
















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